Start Selling Better. Utordo Connects and Automates all the Different Elements of Your Selling Process, Allowing You to Focus on Developing Your Brand and Business.

Selling online can be a complex process with multiple platforms, listings and inventories to manage. As your business grows, so do the complexities and associated costs. Before you know it, the spreadsheets you use to manage your business are soon out of control ad full or errors.

Utordo is a simply yet powerful application designed by eCommerce operators. Utordo's easy to use advanced platform connects all your sales channels together, automates your sales processes, synchronises your inventory and seamlessly integrates with your accounting.

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Grow Your Business

Centralised reporting and business intelligence

Reduce Costs

Simplify customer service

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Become a top-rated seller

Mange Your Business

Reap the rewards

Why Utordo?

From bedroom sellers to global brands, drop-shippers and importers, Utordo's flexibleplatform offers a solution to help your business grow and control its sales process.

Utordo's suite of API's allows quick and easy integrations to all the major onlinemarketplaces and eCommerce platforms. API's allow information to pass securely betweendifferent online platforms. For example, when a buyer places an order on Amazon or yourwebsite, it automatically appears in Utordo. In a hurry? Why not opt for a rapid implementation or allow one of our eCommerce expertsto help you get the most out of the application.

Our Features

Listing and Content Management

Employ technology to improve operational efficiency, performance and scalability.

Stock and Inventory Management

Make your products available to your customers wherever they are and wherever they want to buy.

Simplify Your Order Management

Optimize the buying experience for customers and maximize your chances of sales conversion.

Ship Faster Than Ever Before

Satisfy, retain and obtain repeat business from more customers and be a top-rated seller.


Scalable for Your

Utordo scales as your business grows, simply plug-in a new platforms, add new products and handle more orders with

Save Time
and Money

Utordo users on average see a 47% time saving on order related administration


With one orderbook, one system, and one process, costly time consuming mistakes are soon avoided.


Communicate with multiple marketplaces, eCommerces stores, ERP's and warehouse management systems (WMS). Simple, fast, data communication

Improve Customer

Greater efficiency, faster order processing, fewer errors and more timely communication means happier customers and positive feedback.

Not Just an Order
Management System

Utordo is a complete business solution helping you manage orders, inventory,customers, cases, task, messaging, products and much more.

Make Inventory Management Easy Again

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Case Studies

Like most new start-ups, we were managing our business with spreadsheets and post-it notes. Utordo’s e-commerce solution has enable us streamline our operation and focus on what is important.

The UK's Fastest Growing
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