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eCommerce Integration

eCommerce platform helps you to manage the onlines sales operations. eCommerce Integration allows you to do a bi-directional data transfer between your digital commerce platform and the backend warehouse management system.

Utordo eCommerce integration middleware effortlessly connect your digital ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce with your warehouse management system, allowing 3PL's to offer a complete efulfilment solution.

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Multi Platform Support

Integrate your eCommerce platform with multitudes of systems such as ERP, CRM and more

Bidirectional Integration

Seamlessly send as well as receive data from/to eCommerce, enabling bidirectional information flow between your systems.

Advanced Mapping

Leverage all your business logic to connect your eCommerce data fields with that of other systems.No developer access needed.

Real Time Synchronization

Synchronize your dynamic eCommerce data such as customers, orders, instantaneously with any of your ERP, CRM and other systems.

Scheduling & Batch Processing

Concentrate on implementing new business functionalities.Set up the sync schedule & leave the rest

Full Fledged Automation

Automate all your integration process, including your complex business logic. Just set up your eCommerce integration using.

Benefits of eCommerce
Integration using Utordo

Prevent Manual Data Entry

Get rid of the daunting task of entering customer, product, inventory and shipping related data manually. Automate the process and avoid potential errors.

Customer Data Management

Utordo helps you sync and maintain uniformity between your eCommerce and Warehouse Management systems (WMS). You can seamlessly track customer activity which in turn enables you to serve them quicker and better.

Order Information and Fulfilment

Speed up order fulfilment cycle by Integrating your eCommerce platforms with your WMS systems. Streamline all functionalities such as sales, operations, accounting and logistics working on order fulfilment.

Inventory Synchronization

Maintain uniform inventory levels over all systems. Prevent overselling or underselling by updating your WMS system with the product availability data in eCommerce.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Communicate your eCommerce orders and customers to your CRM system simplifying and speeding up your marketing and sales processes, and in turn optimizing performance of your sales funnels.

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