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Rocket your data

Change is everywhere. Technology advances in leaps and bounds. Nowhere more so than in the world of IT. Utordo makes it easy to come together. Work together. All systems go. Our innovative software gives you fast, efficient EDI and EAI (Enterprise application integration) communications. At the centre of it all: Data integration. Supply chain management. Product information management. Take the future into your own hands. Take the complexity out of internal and external connections. It's time for change. Visionaries assemble!

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Integrate your systems and eliminate manual data entry between your eCommerce, POS, ERP and 3PL systems

Increase operational efficiency by reducing data processing time and eliminating costly data errors

Power consistent customer experiences to drive revenue and build confidence to expand to new sales channels

Our Platform

Our subscription-based model eliminates the need for a large up-front capital investment for on-premises software. Utordo's communication components are designed to be securely contained within the cloud based application. Utordo's automation tool, communicates and co-ordinates information for multiple locations or software system configured in the Utordo application.

Integration Framework

The platform integration framework is one of the most crucial components of the Utordo platform. One of the key elements to achieving your growth objectives is the ability to link new communities of application users (eCommerce, ERP, CRM, POS, etc.) from various software publishers onvarious platforms to the Utordo application. Unlike some of our competition that hard-codes their integrations, we can configure things on the fly, and with the proper preparation, you can do the same. We give our users control, and you are not limited to what comes "out of the box". You won't need to come to us every time a change needs to be made, nor will you be 100% reliant on Urordo for support when something goes wrong. Rather than developing entirely code-based application adapters, Utordo developers focus on building API "harnesses" that tether third-party APIs to the Utordo integration framework by prompting the API to express XML transactions in the application's native format. The Utordo platform will contain the business rules, instructions and other directives to direct the API in the processing of transaction messages. Like HTML or XML, these files are not compiled, they are interpreted. Since the processing logic is contained in an un-compiled text file – the necessary modifications to support variances in vendor XML formats could be made by well-trained technical personnel instead of requiring you to have experienced software developers on-hand for every modification.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

All functions performed within the platform are executed via the API, ensuring the full set of platform functions can easily be integrated by thirdparty publishers leveraging both XML and JSON formats. We support various publisher APIs that enable business logic and data transformation, allowing for simplified updates and customer-specific configuration that can be performed by end-users. Using Developer Oriented APIs, we strive to make Utordo the easiest, most efficient and robust method for eCommerce, POS and ERP integration, making it the de facto standard for cloud-based 'plug & play' multi-channel support. Our API is vendor and technology neutral, using technology easily supported across Open Source, Windows, Apple and Google platforms.

Client-side Integration Protocols

Utordo supports many open and industry standard protocols for theintegration of end point systems including

  • REST
  • SOAP
  • MS-SQL
  • ODBC
  • NTFS/UNC file watchers
  • FTP and S/FTP
  • Proprietary software publisher APIs

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